Over 2 Million Agents

Before you choose which agent to buy or sell your home, wouldn't you want to find the one with the best success and experience in your neighborhood? We rank agents based on multiple variables to find the perfect match.

Over 5 Million Listings

Millions of homes are bought and sold each year. We match you with agents who have the most transactions and experience in your area with your home specification. Our algorithm saves you time and money.

Why People Use Us

Over 70% of people choose the first agent they meet without any research. This is a major problem and cost valuable time and money. We solve this problem and help you find the right agent, not the first.

How we Score

Our algorithm looks at many factors when scoring agents.

The core of our algorithm is based on the number of listings and number of properties sold by each agent. We analyze both quality and quantity which factor key variables including listing price, sold price, time on market and comparative sales in the area. Experience is the best predictor of success, so we look for agents who have shown recent transaction history in your area.

We believe local knowledge and experience is a key factor in determining an agents ability to sell a home or help someone buy a home in a specific zip code. Understanding the neighborhood is as important as knowing the home. Today's buyer is buying more than just a home - they want to know the community.

The number one priority of home sellers is maximizing the sales price of their property. We analyze each agents listing price vs sales price and match against comparisons in the area. For example, an agent who achieves a higher sales price will have a higher score than another agent even though they may sell less properties. Maximizing the investment of the home owner is a key variable.

The Best Agent for you, may not be the best agent for another person even if they live in the same zip code. We understand there are many variables beyond the statistics we analyze - for example - you need to actually like working with your agent. This is why we provide you the ability to contact multiple agents to find your best match.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, your search should start with finding the best agent. Many consumers will visit sites like Zillow and begin searching for homes, and then click on a random ad for an agent to get more information. This experience makes no sense when you are looking for the most capable agent in the area where you want to buy or sell. The key to maximizing your outcome is to find the best agent for you first.

Our service to help you find the best agent is free. Our goal is to help connect you with the right agent to help buy or sell a home. Our business is supported by advertisers.